Xbox one controller not working with IQ mimic

Xbox one controller not working with IQ mimic, it will not work it will take the input but not move my robot.

Hi Reed.

Please set your project to Public, Including Code, and then share a link to it.

Cheers, Sam.

You have configured two motors and a joystick, but you also have to write a program that takes joystick input and passes it to the motors. Here is an example project that has a joystick program:

Alternatively, you can add the motors to a drivetrain, and the joystick will mostly do what you want in Test Drive mode. Here is a copy of your project with the motors in a drivetrain: Click Test Drive to drive the robot around.

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When I use the drive train the test drive button disappeared.

Could you expand on that, please?

Thank you so much!!!

One thing it is registering the inputs it just will not move my robot.

It says it is off how do I turn it on?