Worth $400, I think not, do you?

Anyone think this is worth $400 for an Alpha version of this program? Its not even a Beta release with all of the bugs and issues. I have a class full of frustration.

Good morning

I have a class doing the V5 tutorials today. So far they have been fine but we are only up the 12th so far. I have not gone ahead of them. What isn’t working for you so I can have a heads-up?

My concern today was the loss of detail in the mimics I have made. Screws are now just cylinders. I hope it is just a setting I messed up. My hope is to have the students making and programming some mimics in ghe coming weeks.

We have not been able to do: C06,08; E05,06; F04,06; G04,05,06,07 just to name some of the issues.

My whole class was able to do C 06 Friday 10/9.

We are using Macs with Chrome browser.

I still see that the “G” missions show “mission complete” without doing anything

I am having similar issues, but they seem to be limited to certain modules and certain accounts. We have seen success with getting kids newer versions of Chromebooks, but I have to agree it has been more headache than help in my virtual robotics education journey.

Thanks everyone, we hear you.

There are some challenges that we are working out.