Why is the robot so laggy?

When me and my team run the robot mesh mimic ( which i love by the way ), it always slowly goes forward one inch by a time. Could you by any chance try to fix this?


maybe you can switch the speed to max?

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fellow person, that dont help

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:curacao: im sorry that didnt help

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A robot jittering in place is typically the result of misaligned parts. Pins that don’t line up with the holes will confuse the physics engine. When building a robot, use the “Auto” snap mode, highlighted below in gray. This will reduce misalignment problems.


I made a copy of your project, and deleted the lift, removing the misaligned parts. Run “Test Drive” and notice the lack of jittering in place: https://www.robotmesh.com/studio/5f44427d2ac167047832560d?perf

However, the base of this robot is still misaligned. (Note how it “snaps” together when the physics engine starts) You may have to rebuild this robot entirely.

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thanks sam nice figuring!

thanks for the feedback

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