Where to find documentation, changes, new features?

Hi, not sure who/where else to ask:

Where to find documentation, examples etc? We started looking into programming our robots for the new season and noticed a few things:

Last season a new Python project would import the sys and vex libraries. Now, a new project imports motor_group, drivetrain and smartdrive. What are those and how to use them? We see that reference was added to the API Help page but it simply says “creates a new smartdrive object”, “inherits drivetrain.Drivetrain”. So, how do we use it what is it for. Our coaches - smart people otherwise, they teach us a lot of stuff including programming have no idea how to use any of that. People in the forum just have one answer every time “switch to PROS”. Is this that drivetrain thing from Vex Code that only allows a clawbot to be used (only a 2 motor drive, one left one right)? Is this for that new classroom kit? We noticed one of the parameters is gyro? Huh?

Public projects is now empty and the Featured projects show the same examples from 3-4 years ago, there has been nothing new there. Worse, the examples in there are just basic “move a robot” or “lift an arm” and use motor commands like start_rotate, rotate_to and rotate_for. We started programming based on those examples and realized those commands don’t exist in the API classes list. Where did the rotate commands go? And when? Where was this published, announced?

docs.robotmesh.com has some very old links that do not go anywhere, some PowerPoints with extremely basic notes that seem to apply to some old versions. It seems there is a lot more IQ documentation than VRC albeit from 3 years ago.

So other than the selfgenerated API class list (the one linked to the Help tab), any other place where we can find announcements, news, code examples, basically… documentation? We want to use RobotMesh Studio! It is just that nobody knows how to. Thanks.

EDIT: Found this: Box
So those smartdrive drivetrain are just for the classroom 2 motor clawbot then? Why so many weird new commands, looks pretty primitive.

EDIT 2: And then this: Box
No matter where we look they teach us to use rotate_to and rotate_for, yet the help bar to the right does not list those.