Virtual Academy (18 March Release)

The 18 March 2020 release is primarily to support the preview availability of Virtual Academy IQ.

In addition the following improvements have been made:

  1. Changes to the V5 and IQ (API B) programming to support multi-motor drivetrains and gyro turns. More details to be released soon. Check the API documentation for current classes.
  2. Improvements to the mimics, including:
  • Rename “Connect” to “Test Drive” as this better describes the functionality.
  • Mimics which include a configured drivetrain can be driven during Test Drive with WASD keys.
  • When driven with WASD test drive, there is an odometer showing distance traveled.
  • Improved performance of the VEX IQ Color sensor in the mimic
  • Improved drivetrain performance in the VEX IQ mimic
  • Motor hold support in the mimic

There will be an increased pace of software releases now through September.