VEX IQ Sensors Problem in Python Mimic Projects

Hi Robot Mesh Team,


We encountered problems with VEX IQ Bumper Switch when we program it in a Python Mimic Project. Please see example projects below:

In all 3 projects, the first Bumper Switch ‘bump’ is working. However, when we want to ‘bump’ another wall our program seems to get stuck. I tried doing it in another robot but the problem still exists. Our code seems correct also, so we can’t figure out why our virtual robot is misbehaving. We also tried using Distance Sensor to detect the wall, and it happen to do the same thing - detect the first wall and get stuck already when detecting the second wall.

Kindly help to explain how to solve this VEX IQ Sensors problem.

Thank you so much.


Hi Marco.

The problem seems to be an interaction between drive_until and drive.

Here is a copy of your program that mostly works:

In the original version once drive_until is used, a call to drive seems to stop working. I am not sure why. I have created a bug in our internal bug tracker for this issue. Until it is resolved, avoid mixing those two class methods.

Cheers, Sam.

Hi Sam,

Good day.

Thank you for your prompt reply.

Just to let you know, we have also experienced the same problem with our Blockly Mimic projects. Please see this Sample Blockly Project.

Anyhow, we will follow your advice. We will not mix drive_until and drive commands as a workaround solution for now until this issue is fully solved.

Thank you so much again for the help.