Vex GPS (Game Positioning Sensor NOT Global...) sensor support

Will there be RMS Python support for the new GPS (Game Positioning Sensor) any time soon? It was introduced in VRC competition few months back and will probably provide a significant advantage in Skills challenges.

Need to know if there are plans of supporting this and how long will it take to implement as competitions are already ongoing and this sensor has been out for a very long time now.


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Hi Modemman.

We do plan to support the GPS sensor, but we do not actually have any GPS sensors on hand for testing. (Our early stock sold out very quickly and VEX is now backordered on field codes) Therefore, I do not have an ETA on when support will land.

If you have a competition tomorrow for which GPS support would be critical, you might need to try an alternative solution.

Cheers, Sam.

Understood. Did not realize everything is sold out. Thank you.