Version Control Options

Are there any version control features in RobotMesh? If not, is there any easy way to save work offline so I can use other version control software? Selecting code, copying and pasting in another editor and saving is overly tedious.

Autosave without versioning has become a problem as bad code gets saved over a previously functioning prototype. Disabling and re-enabling autosave by logging in and out is not a good solution.

There is no support for version control within Robot Mesh Studio.

The closest you can get to the idea is to create folders and create copies of your program there.

Alternatively, you can use the command-line build utility, rmbuild. It can be downloaded here:

rmbuild takes plain text files, so you’ll get to use your text editor and version control tools of choice.

Thanks, I may try that, too. I tried RobotMesh Studio Desktop, since I’ve had issues connecting to intermittently. I noticed it saves files where I can implement version control in %HOMEPATH%/Documents/RobotMesh.