V5 Distance Sensor (RMS Python) questions

We are noticing some discrepancies from the documentation (at least on the Python side, haven’t tested other languages):

  1. object_size returns 1 for none instead of 0 (supposed to be 0-none, 1-small, 2-medium,3-large; none and small are both 1, there is no 0)
  2. is_object_detected always returns True (we pointed sensor at the sky to make sure there are no objects in front of it when testing).
    As a workaround for the above, we detect ‘-1’ in object_raw_size which is undocumented but welcome (please don’t “fix” that one - lol - as then we will really not have anything to check if object detected/not).

PS. Tried several sensors and they all act the same. Also, the brain dashboard displays ‘out of range’ as dashes so not a brain or defective sensor issue.

One month not a single answer. Great.

Hi modemman.

I apologize for the delay. I have added the two bugs you described to our internal issue tracker.

Cheers, Sam.

Thanks Sam.----------