Trouble downloading code to Cortex

This is my first experience writing a comment in a forum. I hope someone out there can help me. I have 25+ of the old EDR Cortex and 4 of the new V5. So for now, until by classroom budget can afford more of the V5 kits,I have to continue using the Cortex. I am new to Robot Mesh and so far I think it’s awesome. Here’s my question, I am able to run a successful code as long as I am plugged into a laptop. However, when the USB cable is unplugged, the code will not work. I have tried downloading the code from a PC and a Cromebook but nothing seems to work. What am I doing wrong?

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Robot Mesh needs Wifi? Same thing happened to me when I just started using robot mesh. I just switched the computer,

Hi Rubyb.

Please set the project to Public, Including Code in the options window, then provide a link to the project.

Cheers, Sam.

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Thanks for your help Sam. I have set the program to Public including code. Here is the link:

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Under the Run dropdown, select “Download: build program and download only”.


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Do you have any other suggestions? I have been doing this without success and thus prompted the question to this forum. I have tried several laptops and a Smartboard. I have also tried several Cortex’s. Robot Mesh works in every way except when I unplug the USB cable. Then nothing happens. It even says that the download was complete.

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I apologize if my previous reply was somewhat terse. Allow me to expand.

Run: Build program and run with the debugger” will download and start the program. The user program will then attempt to connect to the debugger on the host PC. The user program will hang forever if it can’t see the host PC. This is why the program doesn’t work if it’s not connected to the PC.

Run Fast: build program and run without the debugger” will download and start the program. The user program will not attempt to connect to the debugger, and will instead start running immediately. You probably don’t want to choose this option if your program moves the robot around, since it’ll drag your laptop or PC off the table. That is usually a bad thing.

Download: build program and download only”. This downloads the program but does not start it. Choose this option, wait for the download to finish, then shut off the Cortex. Unplug the USB cable, then turn the Cortex back on. The user program will start running.

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I did everything right except turn the Cortex off. I don’t know why I didn’t think of that. It works perfect. Thank you for sticking with me on this and I’m looking forward to continue using Robot Mesh Studios with my students.

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I asked the same question midsummer because I am in the same boat. It isn’t as pressing now since we are 100% virtual but I expect to get back someday and want to use this.