Trouble Adding Users to Class

I’m running into a lot of issues trying to add users to classrooms. My situation is unique and that may be contributing to some of these issues. I have an existing classroom, with a regular license (call it class1). I’ve added another free classroom (call it class2) that I am trying to setup.

When adding a user, without an email address, and without setting a password:
Class1 - The user name that I entered is ignored and is replaced with a generated user name. Having one student with a generated name is not a problem, but if a class has 20 students the problem is real. When I attempt to login from the normal login screen as this user I cannot
Similar issues when I attempt to login from the classroom login page:

Class2 - After pressing Create from the Add User dialog, the user does not appear in the user list. User does not seem to have been created. OOPS, no, there must be a limit of 3 users for the free classroom. I didn’t see that restriction in the announcement, and there was no error or warning. If I delete a user, now I can add another. But I end up with the same issues as Class1, generated user name, no way for that user to login.

Ugh… I was going to try some other scenarios, but it just gets weirder. The same generated user names are appearing in both classes from the class login page, although they had different names, and I deleted them and refreshed.

In the end, I am not able to complete the process of adding a user, and then logging in as that that user.


Hi Jerry.

Recently we made the login/signup dialog more compact, so that it can fit on the smaller screens used on Chromebooks. This had the unfortunate side effect of no longer making it visually clear that the login/signup dialog has two columns, and that you fill in the information on the left side, or the right side.

We will update the form code shortly, so that each button will only check the fields for its particular form.

Cheers, Sam.

Hi Sam, I had tried each side separately, but neither worked.