Student Program List Visible to Teacher

Often, a student will create a program, but it will not be visible to the teacher from the Teacher Page when the teacher selects that student. When this happens I will ask the student to send me the link to the project. Using the link I can open and modify the project. It works just like it should for a teacher, except that the project does not appear on the list.

Note that the student did not need to change the privacy setting to “public”. It is still private like it should be.

Did the student put the project in a folder?

It does not appear in any of the students folders from the teacher view, but I will find out if it was in a folder.

It is worth noting that sometimes it is in the root folder, but the root fold needs to be refreshed. The root folder can be refreshed by selecting one on the other folders, and then going back to root. However, that doesn’t always work.

Hmm, we may not be pulling new data for the list frequently enough. Does it show up after refreshing the page? If it shows up after refreshing the page, it’s probably the case that the list is getting stale and I need to look at when and how often the teacher’s list pulls new data.

Sometimes it just needs a refresh, but not always, and not this time.

More details.

The project is in the root folder.
The project was created by copying of another public project.
It included a mimic.
The copy was done from the Chrome client.

This is the project:

Let me know if you need the ID of the classroom & | student.