Spanish Resources?


Just started my adventure with robot mesh studio and was wondering how to support Spanish language speakers.

Thank you!


This is an interesting problem to solve.

Teaching programming to non-native English speakers obviously introduces a new set of challenges.

Robot Mesh Studio does offer limited support for programming in Spanish. To change your language preference do the following:

Believe it or not, people in other countries whether it be in China or France learn to program in English. All of the existing programming languages have their roots in English and incorporate English commands into the program syntax to some degree (think of keywords such as WHILE, IF/ELSE, AND, OR, NOT)

I might try writing some simple programs using Blockly, the various code blocks are cut out like jigsaw pieces snapping into some code segments but not others.

Related Blockly blocks are also color-coded by functionality. All the blocks related to logical evaluations are one color, while sensor blocks are in another.

If the software’s language preference has been changed than these blocks will also appear in Spanish.

In practice, there are really only a half dozen English keywords that need to be learned, and if using Blockly you likely don’t need to learn these words at all; Blockly provides the blocks for this.

One suggestion to consider for teaching programming in an ESL environment:

  1. Pair programming - pair an ESL student with a native English speaker and have them work through the program together.

The big idea is to understand how logical comparisons work, ‘IF this condition is true do THIS , otherwise DO that.’

Everything the robot is going to be doing is either going to be related to movement or using sensor data to take a reading from the environment and then perform some kind of behavior if the condition we are testing for is true.

For example, if the Distance sensor detects something less than 15 cm away, change course.

Some web resources I found on this topic:

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