Sharing projects

With a teacher account is there a way for students to share projects with each other? I know they can make them public but They don’t really want to share with the world but occasionally with each other. My other question is can they save a local project to a thumb drive?

There is no way to share projects with specific individuals at this time other than the “set public, send link” method.

Not directly with our UI, but there is a way. Local projects get saved in a RobotMesh folder inside the user’s My Documents folder (along with version numbers and history). It can be copied from there to a thumb drive. The trick comes in getting the computer you’re copying to to recognize the new project, as RMS Desktop does not scan the directory for new files. First, make a new project with the same name as the one to be copied in, then close it. Copy the desired project into the RobotMesh folder on the target computer, replacing the same-named project from before.

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