Screws fall out of motor

Hello! I’m back with another question. I’m sure the answer will seem very obvious once somebody points it out, but for now, I am stumped!

Whenever my students use screws to try and secure a motor to a piece of metal, the screws don’t work. I made an example project for them to try that is just a motor attached to a piece of metal, with a drive shaft and an attached gear for the motor to rotate. When I press play, the motor and gear works perfectly, but I notice that the screws don’t seem to work at all. The metal kind of slumps to the build plate, and if the build plate weren’t there it would fall further. It’s like the screws don’t even exist.

Am I missing something? Is there another part I need to add?


Hi MMichelle.

Please set the privacy level of the project to “Public, Including Code” and paste a link to it.

Here it is:

Thank you for the help! My students are all having the same problem with what they try to build, so I’m not sure what’s going on. I’m worried I might have inserted the screws wrong or something and taught them all the wrong thing to do!

The owner of this project has not set it to “Public Project (including code)”. I cannot make a copy of this project for debugging purposes unless they set it to that privacy level. Please set it to “Public Project (including code)”.

Huh. I must be missing something. I selected the option to make it public, inlcuding the code.


I can now see the project.

Here is the problem:


The snap points on the motor do not line up very well with the simplified model. (Note how they’re floating in space, far away from the motor) To attach the motor to the beam, extend the screws:


Here is the amended project, with that change:

Oh! Thank you! I’ll be sure to let my students know about needing the screws to reach all the way to the snap points.

I am loving how Robot Mesh Studio lets us recreate what we would have been doing in class. It’s such a great tool. I just have a lot to learn about it as well.

Thank you so much for your help!