Robots Fall Apart

Hello. I teach Robotics I at the high school level. We just started building our mimics this week and noticed they fall apart when we run the program. Can anyone help?

Also, do you think it’s possible for my virtual students build a medbot from the Vex V5 STEM lab?

Hi Jennifer.

Please link to one of the projects.

Note that the orange snap points must overlap to be snapped. The snap points on some models can be in unintuitive positions. An example: Screws fall out of motor

Cheers, Sam

I agree with Sam’s thoughts on this matter. If you wanted some reference for how to do it, I have a link of a video I made for my students This video does focus on using the mimic when the rendering was better, so it may be difficult to follow at times. My apologies for that

Hi Jennifer,

I agree with the two previous posters, and I don’t know if it’s too late, but I also made a video for my students showing how to make a pretty much that exact robot (with the poor rendering they have now)

Hope it helps!