RobotMeshStudio Graphical Representation

I’m still quite upset about the fact that my teams cannot utilize this tool in a way that I KNOW is possible because it used to present realistic graphical representations. I understand they have put holes back in the metal pieces but they haven’t done anything with the fact that the screws don’t have a head on them so there is constantly an issue of putting them in backwards and falling out. Also, all other components look like basic geometric shapes making realistic representations of student created design uninspiring to say the least.

Is the issue monetization? Make it for sale, I wouldn’t have a problem at all with that. If it is a reasonable cost, I’m sure many users would happily purchase the “full” version of Robot Mesh Studio.

I hate to sound negative about a free application and we do certainly still utilize the program for creating programs for our robots and rudimentary mimics, but it is very frustrating to have once had a great simulation tool be reduced in such a way.

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i feel the same too . im so upset to see downgrade rather than upgrade!!!
if the monetization is issue please make it available for purchase with a reasonable price and also make it available for Individual as well as school guys could contribute to the kids education big time by making a fully professional tools. im sure you guys also realized that life is not just about money. however you could make money as well but money should not be a driver for doing such grate work, rather should be quality and kids education.
Best regards and god bless you and your work.

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We know that a lot of you put great time and effort into your models and can appreciate how frustrating this might be.

Sometimes when you post to a forum like this you wonder whether employees or anyone in charge actually reads it. I know I have thought that many times myself when raising issues with a software product.

The Robot Mesh folks hear you loud and clear. Thanks for posting.