RobotMesh Studio wont load

Hi Team,
I can’t seem to use Studio at all at the moment.
Yesterday it was up and down - it would work for some students but not others. I put it down to an internet issue.
Today it’s dead I just get the 3 animated dots at the top screen but the application won’t start.
I have tried at home, at work and using a mobile internet connection and still no joy.
My internet speed tests are also reporting back as normal. So I think it is at your end.
Can you let me know if there is an issue, I have the same class again tomorrow so I may need to do other work with them.

Thanks Stephen

Hi Stephen.

Thanks for the heads up. We were having a database outage, which has now been resolved.

Cheers, Sam.

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Hi Sam,
Thanks for the update and the fast turnaround.