Robot won't move?

I’m sure there is something simple I’m missing? Please please help this teacher trying to learn RobotMesh Studio alongside my students!! I just want the robot to move forward one square. I’m using the V5 Tankbot Mimic. Here is my code:


The only way I can get it to move is if I put a wait command in afterward. I’ve put in 3 seconds, 5 seconds, 10 seconds. It will stop after the 1.27 rotations. But if I put in anything less than about 2.5 seconds the program stops before the rotations finish.

What am I missing??
Thank you!!!

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The gold start spin does exactly what it says it does: it starts a spin command, and then moves on to the next block. As you’ve seen, this means the program quickly runs out of blocks and then exits, unless you add a red wait block.

To avoid this, you can change to second gold start spin block to a red spin block. Red blocks will hold up execution until their action finishes.


Wow, got it! Thank you :slight_smile: