Robot Mesh Summer Teacher Training 2020

Once again, we are offering 4-day professional development workshops for both VEX IQ and VEX V5 throughout July and August at our Redmond office.


Things to know about the workshop:

  • The course is for adult mentors like yourself and teachers doing summer professional development. There will be nobody under 18 in the room.
  • Registration includes a robot and sensors that you can take home when the workshop concludes.
  • Specifically, Includes V5 Classroom Starter Kit (P/N 276-7010), VEX Vision Sensor (P/N 276-4850), VEX Ultrasonic Range Finder (P/N 276-2155), and the VEX V5 Inertial Sensor (P/N 276-4855) total value of $811.97.
  • If you choose an IQ Training Package you will receive a Classroom Super Kit plus Vision Sensor valued at $458.99.
  • No previous experience with programming or building robots is required we’ll do everything together starting with unboxing the robot
  • Training will occur in downtown Redmond, Washington.
  • Lunch will be provided each day of the workshop.
  • Early bird pricing is on now until the end of March.
  • We accept School Purchase Orders

Rough Outline of the 4-day workshop:

  • Introduction
  • Unbox Robot
  • Discuss major components and how they work (brain, motors, sensors, controller)
  • Learn to drive the robot using the controller
  • Learn how to program and customize the controller
  • Program autonomous movement using Robot Mesh Studio
  • Discuss loops and logic
  • Object Detection using the Bump Switch / Touch Sensor
  • Object Avoidance using the Ultrasonic Range Finder / Distance Sensor
  • Object Recognition using the V5 Vision Sensor
  • Programming precision movement using the new VEX V5 Inertial Sensor
  • Discussion of the VEX Robotics Competition for 2020-2021, Team Management and Best Practices

Video from past teacher workshops: