Robot Mesh Mimic Arena Projects

The mimic arena project is a separate project type in Robot Mesh Studio for designing the arena (level/world) separate from the mimic robot.

The mimic arena can also contain program logic for timers, scoring and movement of arena components.

To create an arena

  1. Login to Robot Mesh Studio at and create a New Project.
  2. Choose to create a Mimic Arena
  3. Choose JavaScript (the only language choice)
  4. And name your Mimic Arena and click Create

Building the arena
When the project opens, choose the Mimic tab. The library of components at the bottom includes some new categories:

  • Misc are miscellaneous building blocks
  • Environment are other environment blocks
  • Arena includes some special parts (see below)
  • Tables and Tiles are platform parts which work with the VEX IQ Color sensor

Arena parts

Player Start Orange is the start position of the mimic robot. This must be placed at location 0, 0, 0 but can be at any orientation.

Ghost Green, Ghost Red and Ghost Blue are useful scoring parts. You will need to add Arena Logic to use these (see examples in separate post).

Private or Public
By default, all projects, including Arena projects are private and can only be used by you. If you want to share your project, you can set it to be Public. Click on the Options gear at the top-right of the IDE and in the Privacy Dropdown choose Public Project (including code).

Testing a Mimic Arena
There is no robot in a mimic arena. To test the physics, click the ‘Test Drive’ label at the top of the mimic pane.

Using an arena in a mimic project
Your arena can be used in VEX IQ, VEX Cortex or VEX V5 mimic projects.

  1. Go and create a new Project.
  2. Choose either VEX IQ Mimic, VEX EDR Mimic or VEX V5 Mimic
  3. Choose your language
  4. Name the mimic and click on Create
  5. Then open the Options for that project by clicking on the Gear at the top-right of the IDE.
  6. Look through the options and see Arena: [None]. The dropdown will list all your arena projects, and all publicly available arena projects. Choose one and click ok.

Your project will now reload and the Mimic tab will show the Arena. Construct a robot in the arena.

Using a pre-built robot
[Instructions to come]

Test Drive a robot
When you have a project loaded with a robot that includes a configured drivetrain, you can test drive it by clicking on the Test Drive button at the top of the Mimic Tab.
Use the WASD keys on the keyboard to drive the robot manually without any code.