Question about controller express

We just discovered Controller Express. It seems like a cool way to create code for the controller. We have a couple of questions.
1 - When creating a program for Arcade drive with Axes A & C, why would the generated code include components from Axes B & D?
2 - When setting up a toggle the generated code has what seems like if else statements on a single line. We’ve never seen code in that format. What can you tell us about this?

  1. Creating an Arcade controller on A uses axes A and B. Creating an Arcade controller on C uses axes C and D. Controller Express does not include a way to create Arcade drives with axes from different joysticks (or even Arcade drives where the vertical axis turns).
  2. It’s a ternary statement. A lot of the odd constructions that Controller Express comes up with are so that the generated code produces a consistent control scheme regardless of the actions it’s asked to hook up. (It might not be a functional control scheme if you add actions too flippantly, but it will at least be consistent.)
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