Prebuilt robot?

I’m a teacher transitioning to online learning. Hoping to use this platform for my students to continue to practice their robot programming skills remotely.

Is there a way to create a new project with a pre-built robot? I’m thinking of something like the device used in the Virtual Academy projects but allows freeform programming. I’d like my students to not have to invest hours learning and building a virtual 'bot for each project.

Thanks in advance.

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Hi dmyerssas.

Here’s a demo IQ bot in Python:

And Blockly:

And Flowol:

Clicking on those links automatically creates a copy that the student can edit. (You’ll want them to create Robot Mesh Studio accounts first, if you want their work to be saved) Note how it says create in the URL, instead of studio. You must copy this URL. If you click on the link and then copy it from your address bar, you’ll send your students a link to your own personal copy, which is private by default.

The demo bot has at least one of every sensor. (The TouchLED also counts as a sensor-- it can detect when it’s clicked on while the program is running) Try em out.

Cheers, Sam

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Thanks. This will work well.

Hi Sam,

Is there a prebuilt robot for the VEX Cortex using blockly? I am looking for one that has all the sensors built in and the course/robot can be edited like the links you provided with IQ.

V5 demo bot Blockly:



These demo bots implement all currently supported sensors. We are working on adding Mimic support for the line follow and inertial sensors.

Thanks! I’ll check it out. I’ll be interested in using this for my robotics class distance learning.

One question:

These demo projects seem to include the grid floor. Hence, when I copy these projects then assign a new arena, this grid floor is still present. Is there a way to put a pre-built IQ robot on to a custom arena without the existing grid?

The projects were updated to use arenas last week. However, one important subtlety: changes to the original project do not affect copies. If you clicked the create links above before the change was made, your version will not have the latest updates. Please click the links above again to make a fresh copy.

Understood. Will remix original project and test again.


Tested. Working perfectly. Thanks.

So an assignment flow for students might look something like this:

  1. Teacher programs Arena and distributes link to project swapping “studio” with “create”.
  2. Student clicks link to import arena into their account.
  3. Student clicks demo IQ link (above) to create copy of project with IQ mimic.
  4. Student edits options to use imported Arena.
  5. Student submits link to work when complete.

Does that sound correct?