Player start point?

I’ve created a new Arena and placed a “Player Start Orange” item. However, when I use the prebuilt IQ mimic robot project and assign this arena, the mimic only seems to start near the orange block about 1/2 the time. Pressing reload in browser causes robot to jump to a new location (sometimes off the grid so robot immediately falls).

Is there any way to have robot start in same place each time? (Many of my assignments for students assume robot will be in a certain place at start.)

(Using the beta version of python and blockly IQ.)

I’m not sure if this is the case, but…

It’s important that when building your arena that you do not move the ‘start’ object.

When you first add the ‘start’ object it will be placed at (0,0,0) the global center of the arena.

The Mimic that loads the arena will place the robot at (0,0,0) which conveniently will be at the ‘Start’ object.

When building the Arena, I would recommend creating a group for the ‘start’ object and then locking it down using the object properties window so that it cannot be accidentally moved or deleted.

To do this: Select the ‘Start’ object, open the ‘Groups’ tab, and click on the ‘Group’ button.


Next: Label and name the group. You can do this by double-clicking on the newly created group.


Then: Visit the Group Properties icons


And finally, lock the group to keep it from being edited (moved) or deleted.


Build the arena around the ‘start’ object. When you load the arena into the Mimic everything should be placed correctly.

Excellent. Though I still seem to be having the same issue.

I edited three Arena projects - I moved the start object back to 0,0,0 and locked it in place. I then moved the rest of the arena objects to be correct relative to start object.

I reloaded my project and selected a new arena (one of the ones modified above) and mimic showed up in wrong spot (screenshot #1). I then pressed reload on browser, and mimic showed up in a different, wrong spot (screenshot #2). Any ideas?

Screen Shot 2020-04-08 at 2.49.40 PM

Screen Shot 2020-04-08 at 2.50.03 PM