Newb Question - Save As or Duplicate Option

My students will be building programs that add to an existing program. Is there a way to do a save as for a project or to duplicate a project so we can all start off with the same template then students can build from there?

Also, is there a way to copy multiple blocks of code at a time to paste elsewhere? I am working in blockly, Thank you!

If a project is public, anyone can view it and make a copy by going to Options -> Copy Project.

Not explicitly, but duplicating a block that has other blocks attached to its inputs or sandwiched inside of it (or both, in the case of if blocks) also copies the blocks inside of it and attached to it. If you are doing a particular task over and over, you can also turn those blocks into a function and just use the single function block where you would use the larger collection of code. For an example of functions in action, check out Minesweeper in Blockly. (It runs faster on an actual Brain, but it can be simulated slowly in a browser.)