Newb Question - Run Options

I have created this topic since I am a newb to all this and not afraid to ask those basic questions.

The question I have today is about sending programs to a brain. When I connect a brain to my computer these are the options I get from the download dropdown arrow (tried to upload a screenshot but did not go through)
As I was saying, these are the options I get
*Run: run build program and run with the debugger
*Run Fast: build program and run without debugger
*Download: build program and download only

Whereas when my colleague hits the same dropdown button below the Run icon he has the following options,
*Run: build program and run (no debugger)
*Download: build and download to the real robot.

Why the difference?

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Apparently the screen show worked.

This is what my colleague has

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Debugger support is language and platform specific, and it can also be disabled if the project is copied from a project that does not permit debugger support. Copy permissions for derived projects can be set through Options -> Copied Project Restrictions. Otherwise the debugger is only enabled for Blockly and Python projects, and never for Javascript and C++ projects.

To provide further insight, I would probably need links to the projects themselves (that have been set to public visibility through Options->Privacy dropdown).

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