My teacher's robot has some ISSUES

My teacher’s robot has some issues with the mimic, It has some parts that just don’t fit can you look around and try to help

Here is the link 2020-08-24 143304

ps: My teacher does not want to post it by himself that is why I am posting it


Looks like you have a misalignment further down in the robot. Delete the misaligned parts and rebuild. Using the “auto” snap mode (shown below, highlighted in gray) helps to reduce misalignments.


thank you, that makes sense, we are trying it now

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Further to @Sam’s point. The Mimic editor tests for collisions when running. We saw in your example project that there were some shafts that were sticking through the other model elements which would result in a ‘collision’ and thus cause your robot move on its own.

As Sam said, The ‘snap’ tool is your friend.

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oh, we saw that but didn’t know how to fix it. Thanks for helping us out

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