Mimic and EDR encoder motors

I am using EDR in my classes, (I have a 10 unit class set - so no chance of upgrading $$ :frowning_face:).
Due to remote learning I have been using EDR on Mimic with Python, however, I cannot seem to get the encoder motors to work correctly when the program executes.
The Motor works fine its just the encoders send out 0 ticks.

The encoders work fine when using test drive and the motor sliders. Its only when the program executes.
I dont seem to be doing anything differently to the real world robot project.

any ideas?

Hi Stephen.

Could you set your project to “Public, Including Code”, then link to it?


Here is the project. you will notice that all motor encoders show 0 (in the device monitor pane) once the program starts, however the quad encoders are OK.
I am working on the arm hold - which does work if I set it up with Quad encoder but not when using the motor encoder.
After looking into this further, I think the joystick is somehow mixed up with this problem, as in another program I can use the encoders for an autonomous run but I notice that as soon as it get to a joystick call they show 0 in the device monitor pane.


Here is the testing where it works OK till it gets to the joystick section

Hi Sam did you get a chance to have a look at this?

Terribly sorry, thought I had notifications turned on.

After a little test case reduction, it does seem that every time a run() call is issued, the motor encoder is reset to 0. I’m not quite sure why it’s doing that.

We are investigating.

Thanks - seems to have something to so with the joystick