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Since Robot Mesh doesn’t have a built in pen-drawing feature, I created this workaround. The arena below will place a red ghost ball at the x,z location of the silver ball anytime the silver ball moves laterally. This has the effect of tracing the path where the silver ball has been.

By itself, this isn’t very useful. But if you design a mimic capable of ‘capturing’ the silver ball and moving, the arena will now trace the mimic’s steps.

Possible project ideas:

  • Write a message. Write functions for each letter to modularize message writing.
  • Draw an N sided polygon based on function input.
  • Use color sensors to try to detect crossing previous path.

There are currently 700 red balls available to mark path. To increase this number, edit the Arena project, highlight the stack of red balls under the floor, and clone. The red balls must remain at 0,y,0 or close to it for the code to work.

Finer resolution can be obtained by editing the constant in the Arena code that controls at what distance to drop a new ball.


We have talked about pen drawing.

How important is that? What kind of lessons would you do with it?

I’d say for beginners, pen drawing is a good way to see quick results. “I made the robot draw my name” is better if visible.

Ideally, the pen writing would be detectable by the grayscale or color sensors. With that functionality, much more complex programming ideas are possible. (PS: Is there any current way to be able to draw custom line paths? I’ve found all the pre-built tables, but I’d like to be able to create my own.)