Mac OS 10.15.7 Support

I have a new Mac, but can’t install the RobotMesh connector. I have this version:image

The error says: image

How soon until this version is supported?

Thank you!

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I followed some instructions I found on the web for bypassing this restriction and it worked fine after that. Here’s an example video of such instructions (though not the one I used; I don’t remember exactly what I used)

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Thank you. I’ll give that a try. Interestingly, my old Mac also had Catalina and the RMS plugin worked fine. I must have installed RMS before upgrading to Catalina. So, I’m hoping I can re-enable SIP after installing RMS this time.

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Yea that worked. Thanks again!

After completing the install the plugin did not initially work, refreshing the paged didn’t help. Rebooting the computer did the trick, although I probably could have just restarted the browser.

After re-enabling SIP, the plugin still works.

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