Kids accounts are being deleted

Hello, I am an instructor from Robot Revolution and we are teaching our kids how to build robots in Robot Mesh Mimic; we were going to use Virtual Academy, but we are not focusing on the programming aspect, but on the building for this one session. Moreover, we are just holding a class as I write this; some of my students were not able to log in, even though they saved their passwords. However, when they created a new account, Robot Mesh did not “tell” them they were created already.

I just would like to know if there is a period of inactivity in which the accounts get deleted. If there is, please let me know how much time it is, so I can let them know.

Thank you!

Robot Mesh Studio shouldn’t let you create a new account if the username or email is already used by another account.

Are you having the students create accounts with username/email or are you creating them for the student as part of a class?

Accounts don’t get deleted, however the user is logged out after a period of inactivity.

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I am having them creating email with username and passwords, but not as a part of the class; since I saw that was available for Virtual Academy.

I believed after a while they got logged out also. I just believed that they also got deleted after being inactive for some time.


I am also teaching classes online right now and using the Mimic software. I have about 120+ students who are using your program. So far, mostly good, but a few now have shown me their projects disappearing. Others have had their passwords reset/deleted. Not sure if there is a server overload or something funny going on? Any suggestions would be great, thank you.

Matt Der
SD41 schools Canada

Latest student showed me his project that he still had the tab open for but he had no ability to edit it in blocky or in mimic. The project says that the owner set it to ‘private’ but he is the actual owner.

Wouldn’t be surprised he made a mistake somehow but I need to know what pit-falls to avoid.


This issue has occurred when I have two or more RobotMesh instances open, and I logout, or log into, another account. I don’t think that RobotMesh is intended to be used by multiple users on the same machine at the same time.

If this happens, I would suggest having the student close all open RobotMesh windows, then reopen one and login again.