Just a simple question

I would like to know if there is a way to import vex v5 blocky program to robot mesh

If it is a VEXcode Blocks program, no. VEXcode programs cannot be imported to Robot Mesh Studio.

If it is a Robot Mesh Studio Blockly program, then yes. Click Options, then Copy Project, and select one of options. Only the Python options support code export.

ok thanks, and to not make a new topic just gonna ask a other question. so i can copy the python code from vex v5 but i wanna know if its possible to know what showed on the brain and if yes how

I don’t believe there is any fully general way of telling if a user program was written in VEXcode Text, VEXcode Blocks, Robot Mesh Studio C++, Python, Blockly, Flowol or Javascript, or PROS C++.

Similarly, once a program is uploaded to the brain, it cannot be downloaded from the brain. If you upload a program, then delete the source code, there is no way to get the program back. Deleting the source code serves as an important lesson on not deleting source code.

well i confirme that i does work just have to change few word but it does work