Is Flowol dead?

I have communicated several times regarding the lack of support for Flowol on mac IOS.

Flowol has been a fantastic product for us in our high school Engineering course and we have had to radically modify our courses when it “stopped working” on mac (used by about 80% of our students).

We have been told that the product would be incorporated into Robot Mesh Studio and have completed a survey regarding features.

Despite email requests for updates we have heard nothing for the past 8 months.

Am I right in assuming that the product is no longer supported? If that is the case I am surprised to see that it is still being offered for sale.

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Thank you for getting back in touch.

I’m sorry that our support for macOS with the desktop Flowol software came abruptly to a halt with the new macOS versions. We are only currently advertising Flowol for use with Windows PC.

The Flowol flowchart has been integrated with Robot Mesh Studio and can be used online to control the mimics and write programs for the VEX IQ hardware.

We did receive some useful feedback from users of Flowol 4 about which other interface hardware is being used, but haven’t yet come to a decision to add some of the other hardware options to Robot Mesh Studio.

I apologize for the lack of communication over recent months. We’re a small development team and our focus this year has been on furthering the 3D mimics in Robot Mesh Studio.

Best Regards,

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Thanks for your reply Andrew. It has been a very frustrating year for us with several of the programming softwares that we used now being made obsolete with the iOS “upgrade”.

I see that your site has dropped the Apple software option.

What we are ideally looking for is a way of learning using mimics and then programming Arduino Uno from RMS. Not interested in VEX IQ as it is a closed system.

You would be amazed at what we have used Flowol to program.

Does RMS work with VEX EDR? If so I may have a partial solution - still have a box of them somewhere. I suspect, however, that may not interface to hardware from mac either.

I have just been playing with the app and the digital input/output definitions don’t seem to link to flowchart.

Are the mimics being introduced soon?

Unfortunately I can’t find any suitable alternatives to Flowol so we will need to move on.



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Jumping in on the conversation… :grin:

Robot Mesh Studio DOES presently support VEX EDR programming in Flowol, Blockly and Python.

We’re about to make a very exciting announcement regarding our new Robot Mesh Virtual Academy (‘RMVA’) in the next few days.

RMVA is a curated collection of Mimic projects that are designed to teach foundation topics in Robotics in Computer Science using simulation, no previous programming experience or VEX hardware is required.

You can take a sneak peek here:

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I’d love to hear more about the programs for Arduinos that you and your students have developed.

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