Invalid port handle

Brand new and can’t find this answer anywhere. I get an “Invalid port handle.” error when I attempt to download this LCD Print featured code (or any code … decided to use something verified and simple).
Running robot mesh studio in Chrome on a Surface Pro Windows device.
I have installed the Chrome plugin.
Updated the VEX iq brain with the latest firmware…

I make a little bit of progress when I switch from the Automatic port to VEX IQ User Port (COM42) but then I get a “Download error: Client-specified read timeout exceeded”

Thanks for any insight!


Make sure you close the VEXos update utility before starting Robot Mesh Studio. Anything that uses the VEX com ports to communicate with VEX hardware, like update tools or other programming software will prevent Robot Mesh Studio from working.

Cheers, Sam.

thank you! that fixed it!