Installing Python Modules

Porting from Robot Mesh Studio to Robot Mesh Studio Desktop, I got errors importing motor_group, drivetrain, and smartdrive. I was able to live without them, however, I really could use the objects in the threading package. How can I add modules like these for Robot Mesh Studio Desktop?

RMS Desktop ought to have the usual modules.

Are you using VEX Cortex, IQ or V5?

Please post a screenshot of Robot Mesh Studio Desktop displaying your program, including the sidebar.

V5. Screenshot:

threading is not a valid RMS module.

A complete list of every available module for RMS Python on V5 can be seen here:

Do any of the modules in that list fail to import?

Yes, but I’m not sure I care about those modules; I was hoping for more threading options. Here, motor_group fails:

I notice now you have two vex imports. If you delete one of them, what happens?

No change.