How do we customize the Drive Train?

Hello Robot Mesh/Robot Mesh Users,
I was wondering if anyone knows how to customize the rive chain where you can add 2 motors, so that it becomes a 4 wheel drive. I’m only able to put 1 motor under left drive and 1 motor under right drive. I need help trying to add an additional motor to each side so our robot can be 4-Wheel Drive.
Team 7074b, KMS Tech Hui

For years we resisted adding drivetrains that supported more than two motors under the theory that kids writing programs with more than two drive motors were advanced enough to write their own drivetrains. Recently our drivetrain class concept was adopted and extended to support more than two motors by other developers. Now that the cat is out of the bag we will be adding support for grouping motors and building drivetrains with them in an upcoming update (hopefully the next one if nothing goes wrong).