G01 Buggy on Input and Interaction

G01 requires user to test drive the mimic in order to retrieve sensor data. At first there was no stop button wile in the test drive. Restarted the activity a couple of times, and finally got one with a stop button. Now can’t click on the blocks to edit/input the sensor data. Test drive is stopped, but neither the drop-down menus or the text inputs are interactive. Using Chrome and Windows.

G01 should no longer hide the test mode start/stop button after starting testing. I had some logic to reset it automatically if the robot falls off the edge, but on further testing it’s possible to high center the robot and make it unrecoverable without the stop button. (Code is still mutable during test drive, so I had originally deemed stopping test drive to be unnecessary.) As for why it acts differently after restarting several times, I will have to investigate that further.

I drove it off the table on my first run as an experiment to see what happened-- that probably explains why the stop button disappeared, but it never re-appeared even after a couple of “reset” button pushes. The code definitely was not editable while test driving.