Expanding parts to include sprockets, intake rollers

We are designing our competition robot using the mimic feature. There are some parts we would like to see added to the library and were wondering if they are coming out in the near future. Intake rollers, sprockets, chain drives with paddle fittings are among our wish list.

The team is arguing over using Mesh vs Fusion 360. I (the mentor and teacher) would like to stick with Mesh because of it’s ease of use and programming ability. Fusion has the better parts library but slower and more challenging process to learn.

I very much appreciate the platform. It will be a great help to me when we return virtually in the Fall.

Aaron Gray

Thank you for your support.

Your suggestions are noted.

There will be lots of exciting improvements to Mimics in the weeks and months ahead. We have decided to double down on our efforts to create the best VEX simulator around. Stay tuned.