EDR and C++ – In Progress? (Resolved: Cortex is EOL)

I am part of a robotics team that has been using RobotC for a while but are interested in other options. I have personally been using RobotMesh Studio with C++ for VEX IQ on a kit I have at home.

The team has a mix of EDR and V5. I am happy to see that C++ is supported for V5, however I am curious why the option is missing for EDR.

Is it being developed? I’m particularly surprised to see that Python is offered for the relatively slow EDR processor but C++ is not.

Hi Mattf.

Back, way back, in the mists of time, at the beginning of the universe… There was ROBOTC.

At the time Robot Mesh Studio was created, some 7 years ago now, there was one single platform, Cortex, and there was one single programming option, ROBOTC. Since ROBOTC was established in the “C like” space for Cortex, we chose Python. IQ came later, the other languages came later, but Cortex and Python were the first. Slightly odd in retrospect, but made sense at the time.

However, Cortex is now in end of life, and no new VEX products are planned for it. Accordingly, Robot Mesh Studio is not planning on adding support for any more languages for the Cortex platform. What we have now is it for the foreseeable future.

Cheers, Sam.

Alright, that makes sense. Thanks for the response.