Disappearing Programs

Some of my students in Robot Mesh Studio have had their programs disappear. I can see them in the Teacher window, but they cannot when logged into their account.

Other issues are students’ programs being deleted from their accounts without any intervention and losing their work.

I’m not sure what could be causing these issues, but has anyone else seen this happen? And how has this been resolved before?

Thanks for the help,

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Hi agnapot.

Can you provide the usernames of the students who have projects visible to you in the teacher view, but not visible to them?

Cheers, Sam

Hi there, let me know if I should start a new thread. I am having a similar problem, but with my own account. I have written a program as an example for students. I clicked the link to view it (before logging in), and it looked fine. Then I logged in (while viewing the program), and it was stuck on the “Loading Editor” screen. I refreshed the screen, and all the code in my program had disappeared.

The instructions (leftmost panel) are still there, so I know it’s still my program. I have been able to repeat this problem.

Here’s the link to my program. My username is jcdrobots. https://www.robotmesh.com/studio/62032b04c4b0580fb16af9fe

Thank you!

And also, some of my students’ programs are disappearing as described by @agnapot. One student is ascot2026

Thanks! - Jenn.