Color sensor color name of color id causing error

I am trying to write the color name that a color sensor senses to the LCD using Blockly for VEX IQ. Whenever I add the block “color name of [color sensor] color id” to the programming area, the program ends with an error:
EXCEPTION: 0xed Type err
FILE_ID 0x09 / Line 2063
Is there something that can be done?

Also, where can I find the correlation between color name and color id, since using the above block is not working for me?

Thanks for the bug report. It looks like the “color name of ____” block isn’t actually generating any code for anything stuck in the socket, which is a problem in the Python as that function requires a number as an argument, leading to the Type Error that you saw.

For color reference, check the documentation. (This is the same documentation currently available through the Help tab on the right side of the IDE.)