Classroom Management with Robot Mesh Studio

As part of the rollout of Robot Mesh Virtual Academy, we are making access to the classroom management features of Robot Mesh Studio available for free. (This will be through the end of the summer, at which point we’ll reassess if we should keep it available.)

Getting Started

To get started, go to Robot Mesh Studio and log in or make an account. Then, go to You will be prompted to create a class:


You can enter whatever you like for school and class name. When you’re done, you’ll have the teacher page opened with your class:


Adding Students

There are two ways to add students. They can be added individually with the “Add Student” button, or as a batch with the “Import Students from CSV” button. Instructions for how to import students from a .csv file will be shown upon pressing the button, and you will be given an opportunity to choose a .csv file.


On pressing the “Add Student” button, you will be greeted with the following dialog:


An email is not required, but it does allow a student to more easily reset their own password if they forget it. The other fields are required. If the checkbox for “set a new password” is set, the student will be prompted to set a password when they first try to log in with their username, email, or when logging in through your class’ link (more on that later). You can also set a password for your students, either typing in one of your own choice or selecting a combination of symbols:


When logging in through your class link, the students will be shown these same symbols to click on and fill in their password.

Assigning an RMVA Course

Once you have students, click the assign button:


That will bring up the assigning dialog:


Give a name to the assignment, pick which students to give the assignment to (all by default), pick which units the assignment will cover (all by default), then press OK. From there, students can access their assignment through the My Assignments button in the regular project browser menu.

This is great-- much appreciated. I look forward to getting our team running through here to have some challenges while remote. One issue: I can add students who do not have a RMS account, but I can’t add students who already have an RMS account. Any suggestions?

There’s some work left to do on adding existing accounts to classes. All that’s left to add on that front is a way for existing users to confirm that they are OK with being added to the class (which lets the teacher see their projects). Until then, we have kept adding existing users to classes disabled.

OK-- can students delete their existing accounts so I can add them into our class?

There is no way to delete an account at the moment other than emailing us and having us manually scrub it from the database. I’ll talk with the boss on how soon we can get the adding existing user feature finished.

Bump on being able to add existing accounts to a classroom. All my students created their own accounts last week. Thanks!

@jtillinghast @dmyerssas The initial portions of adding existing users to classes is being tested right now. For starters, this will only allow teachers to see a user’s username and projects from assignments that the students have received from the class itself. I’ll let y’all know when that goes live and is ready to use.

this seems like it could be really awesome, but the “ok” button doesn’t appear when I try to add students to the course. How can I resolve this?

Screen Shot 2020-05-14 at 2.29.34 PM