Can't download program to IQ 2g


I’m new to RoboMesh and just trying to create a program for my IQ 2g robot, then I got an error when downloading the program, it said: Client-specified read time out exceeded Time:678 ms. see below screenshot for reference:

Anyone can help this? Thanks in advance.

Hi KKen.

Unfortunately, Robot Mesh Studio does not support VEX IQ Gen 2. There are no plans to add support in the future.

Cheers, Sam.

Hi Sam,

Thanks for your info.

I’m also new with Vex IQ.

Do you have any update on this?

I really want to use Robot Mesh Studio to download program on Gen 2. Because we are having learning materials with Robot Mesh Studio.




Unfortunately, IQ gen 2 does not support third party programming languages. IQ gen 2 brains can only be programmed in VEXcode.

Cheers, Sam.