Cannot see students code

Hi team,

It seems that I can no longer see / modify my students program code in their RobotMesh studio class accounts, I can still see the code of my previous students, however, now when I add new students and look at their projects, it tells me “The author of this project has kept the source code private.”

If I get the student to make their project public, I can see the code but cannot modify it.
Previously students did not need to make the project public and I can still modify the code.

Any ideas?

Thanks Stephen

If its public you still need to make a copy

OFFLINE files not found these are problems other people found with robot mesh

This used to work even if students code was not public.
I still have students accounts from last semester that work fine its only the new students that this does not work for.

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I also can not see the code when a student share me his URL, what can I do?

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