Blockly '___ is on?' not recognizing configured sensor

Hi folks - I am encountering intermittent issues with the VEX Inputs block ‘___ is on?’

When I configure a port with a bumper switch, it doesn’t appear in the list of choices for this block.

Sample code is linked below to show what I mean. Even though a switch is configured, it doesn’t appear when the student tries to use the block. If I bring it into my own account, I can see the configured switch and use it. Occasionally I have students whose code shows the configured switch appearing after reloading and waiting, or after getting a fresh block, but not always.

I thought I’d mention it in case there’s anything that I should try or that can be done about it. Thanks.

Link to code


I made a copy of the linked project, and it allowed me to set a bumper is on? the the while block:

Are you the owner of the original project? Does deleting all the blocks, removing existing sensors, reloading the page, and then configuring the project again work?

Cheers, Sam.

Thanks for your response. No, I am not the original owner, it is one of my students (but it has happened with other students as well). I will ask them to try the steps that you suggested, and report back.

So, it appears that the sensors are showing up now, when we go back and look for them again from the blockly library. It seems to be working for us now. Sometimes it takes a refresh of the screen or waiting a minute, before going back and retrieving a new block that does offer the configured sensors. Thank you!