B08 not working

The tutorial is getting stuck because it tells you to make test drive your friend but the test drive tab is not available to there is no way to continue through the tutorial. As far as I can tell the test drive function is not working in earlier lessons yet either.

It looks like there were some settings set wrong on the master project, which I’ve now fixed. If you use the Try RMVA button again to make a new copy of the trial you should get a corrected version of B08.

Now when I click the try RMVA button it gives me a warning that all previous settings will be lost and when I click OK it does not populate the lessons again but it loads a blank screen.

Ah, sounds like it didn’t get rid of the old one properly. There are likely two versions of the trial in the assignment selection drop down for you now. The newer one should have the proper copy of B08.

The assignment view defaults to showing the projects of an assignment if you only have one, but currently waits for you to select one if there is more than one. Since the trial is the only piece of RMVA released right now, it was supposed to delete the first copy so that the default display mechanism would work.

I’ll take a look at the deletion logic again. The pandemic moved a lot of things ahead on the schedule, and this was one of those.