Autocode features from VEX V5 tab

Using VEX V5 and python, the VEX V5 tab detects connected devices and adds code. Changes in the names are also automatically applied. Are there any features to control or enable/disable this behavior? I decided to move wires. As I renamed things this created big problems. I had “RightWheel” on port 1. Now it’s on port 11, but even though port one is disconnected I’m not allowed to use the name “RIghtWheel” any longer; if I try, the name is changed for me to “RightWheel_”. Worse yet, port 2 was “LeftWheel”, but now the motor on port 2 serves a different purpose. When I rename port 2 to “Claw” all the “LeftWheel” code is clobbered, which was not the intent. This happens even if the “LeftWheel” code is commented!

My team would also like to extend the Motor class and overload some methods. Curious how this will work if the autocode and device to class association features cannot be de-coupled.

This is a long-standing problem, and there aren’t many good workarounds. Easiest is to find-and-replace each user of the object name to a placeholder name, (but not where it’s used in #region config) move the motor, refresh the page to force it to flush the token list, then find-and-replace the placeholder to the new name.

Can’t extend, but you can do a wrapper class. No method overloading in Python, of course.