Add more parts to RMS Mimic

Can mimic have more parts like mecanum wheels, 4-inch high traction tires, high strength parts (Gear, Shaft), tracks, etc.


We are definitely considering it. We’ll probably resume adding Mimic content in earnest after those Mimic changes I was mentioning in your other thread. Our top development priority on Mimics right now (if I’m remembering correctly) is making the whole UI and editor easier to use.


Thank you for asking. This will help the robot mesh studio community.


I’d like to voice my support to adding some more of these parts too!

In particular I’d like to see the Claw added so students can make the claw bot and try to grab and lift things. I’d also like to see the Rack and Pinion gears, as well as a Linear Motion kit.

This tool is incredible for virtually putting together VEX robots and then using them and driving them around. It’s really going to do wonders for my virtual robotics class this coming school year!


Thank you for the endorsement.

There’s so much to do with Robot Mesh Studio and not enough time or people to do it.

Your suggestion is noted.


Wait are actually going to add it because me and my team are really looking forward to it!
Thanks!(by the way robotmesh is so much better than the stuff vex iq provides!)

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