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I have been going through the academy and i really enjoy how quick it is to pick up the style and understanding of blockly. This will be an excellent tool for use at the school where I teach. The only odd part so far is that after the first few lessons, once the walkthrough becomes more hands off, it seems that the “test drive” and “stop test drive” buttons for live testing the robot manually seem to shift too far to the right of the top bar that they go off screen until you resize the mimic area to make the blockly area almost non-visible.

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There are forthcoming improvements to the User Interface. We are aware that the ‘Test Drive’ button moves around, and unfortunately, sometimes goes out of view.

We hope to address this issue in a subsequent release.

The lessons here are a great tool that I may use in my classroom. However, I find that it’s more guided than I’d like, really telling you exactly what to do at every step. Would it be possible to give the user/student a little more freedom to try out different values, functions, etc. and maybe just provide the answer after they’ve given an attempt first?

It would be nice to have the right click duplicate block behavior available as well.

I thought it had just disappeared. Glad you posted this.

The idea is for the lessons to become increasingly more open as you step into further projects.

We envision a teacher management back-end where one could choose which projects to assign to students but haven’t gotten there yet.