Robot Mesh Mimic Arena

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Mimic Arena Examples

Each example below has a public arena project, and a public example which uses it. The example has a VEX IQ Basic robot. You can use Test Drive and drive the robot using WASD keys, or by writing a blockly program to so…

15 August 21, 2020
Arena Logic API

The Arena Logic is a small, secure sub-set of JavaScript used for the following: Managing the arena timer Scoring Programmatic moving/rotation of objects in the arena (experimental) There is a singleton arena object a…

5 June 1, 2020
Robot Mesh Mimic Arena Projects

The mimic arena project is a separate project type in Robot Mesh Studio for designing the arena (level/world) separate from the mimic robot. The mimic arena can also contain program logic for timers, scoring and movemen…

3 June 1, 2020
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